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September 22 fishing report

Today, Sunday, September 22, 2013, we are expecting the water flow from Bull Shoals Dam to run at minimum flow for most of the day.  A small surge is planned for this evening.  Monday's schedule implies that there will a flow between 1 to 2 generators most of the day.  With the cooler temperatures of September, we can expect low flows such as this, but it would be impossible to predict which days will be at minimum flow and which days will have a little more flow.

Fishing the last few days has been fine with many Rainbows being caught and a few Browns.  Most Rainbows are being caught on Berkley pink trout worms or on Berkley pink Mice Tails.  Adding a little piece of shrimp to the hook often helps the bite.  The sunrise/copper colored Thomas Buoyant spoons produced good catches, too.  It's always fun to watch the rainbows follow this lure.  We always keep a supply of all these baits and lures in stock.

The best fish story I heard was from our guest, Daniel Dodson, who was fishing with guide Bob Klink.  Apparently someone else had hooked a Brown but broke the line above the sinker. Dodson snagged the eye of the sinker attached to the Brown and brought it in.

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