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Sep 16, 2013 River Levels

The river level for the past several days has remained fairly consistent around 2000 cfs flow rate and occasionally bumping up to 3,000 cfs.  By the Corps of Engineers reporting, this was 2 generators of water being released through Bull Shoals Dam.  By mid-morning Monday, the flow was bumped up to 4,000 cfs, which is reported as 3 generators.

It has been high enough to maneuver up and down the river without too much difficulty, while providing for a slow and steady drift for fishing.

As the level of Bull Shoals Lake is now a little below the flood stage level, the only purpose for releasing water through the dam is for electric power generation.  With the cooler days of September, I can only expect the flows to remain low, even possibly running at the minimum flow for some time periods.

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